Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

The Algerian player said the contract termination didn’t come as a result of his thing against Qatar during the FIFA Arab Cup 2021semi-finals. Qatar SC has terminated its contract with Algerian football player Youcef Belaili, the club said, just one day after he scored a thing that excluded Qatar from the FIFA Arab Cup 2021. Belaili scored an answer following a penalty in the 17th nanosecond of cessation time, barring host Qatar from the Arab Cup with a 2-1 defeat in a dramatic semi-final match. Belaili’s thing took his public platoon to the final against Tunisia where Algeria sealed a major palm. During thesemi-final match, the adjudicator indicated there would be nine twinkles of injury time, egging Qatar’s Mohammed Muntari to take advantage of the redundant time to head an equalizer in the 97th nanosecond. Read also Algeria lifts FIFA Arab Cup 2021 at Qatar’s Al Bayt Stadium Still, just twinkles latterly Algeria was awarded a penalty in the 104th nanosecond, in which Belaili scored his winning strike after a failed first penalty. Belaili departs Qatar SC Just one day after the semi-final game, Qatar Sports Club released a statement publicizing the termination of Belaili’s contract “ after a discussion between the player and the club”, sparking rumors online. 29- time-old Belaili lately joined Qatar SC after a long career in Algeria and Tunisia, and a brief stint with the French club Anger as well as Al-Ahli in Saudi Arabia. The Algerian football star had scored an emotional 17 pretensions in 25 appearances for Qatar SC since he joined the platoon in November 2020. Belaili thanked his former Qatari club in a post on his Instagram account, publicizing that he’s now “ a free player”. “ Thank you veritably much to Qatar SC for the moments spent by your side and a huge thank you to the suckers and the operation. “ Now I’m a free player,” he wrote in French. The incident was compared to a veritably analogous move by Perugia, when South Korea’s golden thing arranger Ahn Jung-hwan who had his contract terminated by Serie A club Perugia following a decisive thing in the 2002 World Cup that excluded Italy from the Round of 16. Perugia president Luciano Gaucci said at the time “ That gentleman will noway set bottom in Perugia again.” Still, Belaili debunked rumors linking the contract termination with the fact that he netted a thing against Qatar in the Arab Cup semi-final match. “ None of this is true, thank God, the club operation understood the situation and told me that we terminated the contract by collective concurrence, and they allowed me to go to Europe, and there’s no problem with Qatar, but on the negative, they stood with me,” he said in an interview with Al Jazeera. According to Algerian news outlet Echorouk, Belaili’s father who’s his director, said there are plans to transfer the footballer to a European club that has not yet been linked. Qatar SC’s termination In an interview with Qatar- grounded Al Kass TV, Faisal Al-Shuaib, CEO of Qatar SC, said that the issues between Belaili and his former club Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia are still present, egging the Qatari platoon to terminate the contract with the Algerian player. “ Belail asked us for a professional and formal response. Before the request, the player had made an offer that wasn’t suitable for us, and we plant that the stylish result was to terminate the contract, especially since his extremity with his Saudi club, Al-Ahly, is ongoing,” Al Shuaibi said in a televised interview. The Qatar SC functionary added that “ Belaili must pay a sum of plutocrat to Al-Ahly Club in order to end his extremity with Al-Raqi,” he said, pertaining to the Saudi club.

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